Essays and Cases

How do media phenomena influence us, and how do we influence them? These course papers reflect on contemporary questions of the role of media in society.

Populism as a Communication Style?
The case of Giorgia Meloni

Joseph Bosonnet

The BeReal Phenomenon in the Age of FoMO

Zsófia Varga

Tunneilmaisun tavoitteet valta- ja vastamediassa

Salla Tuomola

Social Media in Governmental Crisis Communication
The #faktaakoronasta campaign in Finland

Katariina Paakkinen

The Importance of Indigenous Peoples’ Self-Representation
An analysis of the YouTube series ‘Natives React’

By Eveline Vandewalle

Aladdin Dreams and Human Rights Violations
Saudi Arabia’s country image in the age of social media

By Nea Nygren

The Rise of the Populist Radical Right through Digital Media
The Estonian case

By Martina Eerme

Anonymous Online Advice
Case Jodel in Finland

By Anni Saares

Social Movements on Social Networks
The Uyghur campaign on Instagram

By Marine Lepesqueux

How Thin Became the Ideal
The impact of fashion magazines on eating behaviors of female adolescents

By Nena Neijenhuis

Expression of Identity in Online Communication
Online identities and their relation to offline identities

By Kaapo Leppäniemi

Violence against Women and Social Media
The use of Instagram for feminist mobilisation

By Emma Louveau

Digital Exclusion in the Public Sector
eGovernment and issues of inequality

By Úlfur Kári Sonjuson

Clinton and the Gender Traps
Stereotypes in media coverage of women politicians

By Marianne Lamérande

Audience and the Engagement Economy
Case Maria Nordin

By Julia Granroth

The Role of Digital Design
Steps towards Healthier Online Environments?

By Alina Mendler

Social Media vs. Public Deliberation
The case of Facebook’s Free Basics in Myanmar

By Heidi Hanhijärvi

Multimedia Companies as Building Identities
‘Ruskeat Tytöt’ as an alternative / minority media

By Jana Erthel

Body Positivity on Social Media
The new phenomenon of body positive messages on Instagram

By Tille Geerkens

Emoji as Media Signs
Icons, indices, symbols

By Cara Wallenhorst

Callout-kulttuuri ja yhteiskunnallinen osallistuminen
Kansallisteatteri ja cis-mies transhahmon roolissa

Ella Ossi